Indiana county councils reviews all budgets under HEA 1001

Indiana County Councils begin budget reviews

House Enrollment Act 1001 (HEA 1001) requires for the first time this year, that county councils in Indiana review all budgets for municipalities and townships (and other taxing units) in each county. There is some confusion about the actual affect of these reviews, since they are not binding.

Porter County will begin their reviews tonite.

VALPARAISO | After spending four long nights pouring over the details of more than 90 budgets within the county government, members of the County Council will begin work tonight on their new responsibility of reviewing the budgets of nearly every other local taxing unit.

At least some of the council members question the value of the additional work, considering they were not given the power to take any action in response to their reviews.

Cender and Company will be assisting LaPorte County in conducting their reviews so that they don’t feel additional pressure to add staff for the new task. If you are a council member or county staff assigned with this new responsibility let us know, we’d be glad to assist in this chore.


Indiana Local Government Consultant – New Website

We are currently designing our totally new website for Cender and Company here in Indiana.  We’d like to get as much input from municipal government and public sector clients as possible.  What would you like to see on our site?  What kind of articles would you read and find useful?

  • Redevelopment TIF
  • Impact of HEA 1001
  • New laws as they relate to bond financing in Indiana
  • Budget reviews as mandated for county councils
  • Property tax impact on local government entities of tax caps in HB 1001
  • Interest rate alerts
  • Planning and Annexation regulations, effectively planning for growth in Indiana cities, towns and counties
  • Sewer, water, park, school, and road impact fees.

Seriously, we’d like your input, what would be interesting and helpful enough to you our clients to visit regularly?  We are focusing on our theme:  Solutions to Unique Challenges.  What are your unique challenges that we can help solve?