Indiana Association of Cities and Towns

Cities and Towns Association

The pre-eminent organization for networking and information regarding Indiana Cities and Towns is the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns.

Some important resources there:

For more information call or check out the website:

Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
200 South Meridian Street, Suite 340
Indianapolis, IN 46225
(317) 237-6200


Northwest Indiana Cities and Towns

Indiana Cities and Towns

News today that affects our clients and potential clients:

“When asked what Northwest Indiana supporters of the Kernan-Shepard recommendations can do to promote his plans, Daniels’ said, “Make noise, please.”

Daniels’ push for implementing the recommendations of the Kernan-Shepard commission came just days after Senate legislation to enact the reforms was amended to exclude Lake County from a key provision to replace county commissioners with a single county executive.” From the Times

Hammond and Whiting discussing consolidating some services.

St. John and Dyer head to court over annexation battle.

Mayor of Portage still committed to consolidating 911 with county dispatch, to save money and to increase public safety. Head of fire union speaks out about not being included earlier.