Is the Indiana legislature affecting your city or town?

March 2010 Update on Indiana Municipal Finance

(reprinted with permission from Indiana Municipal Consulting)

Once in a while it is good to spend a few minutes looking at the big picture in Indiana municipal finance, some links we found that are worth reading and pondering:

  • Hammond Indiana – Calumet Avenue Corridor Study – this is a survey for the public to give their input as the City of Hammond completes the plan for redeveloping the Calumet Corridor. (Via City of Hammond website). In the interest of full disclosure, Cender and Company is providing this analysis to the City, and you can see the background information and maps for this project at our website: Indiana Municipal Finance and Bond Consultants.
  • The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) issues weekly updates on the status of property tax bills in all 92 counties. We keep an eye on these updates as well as working to assist many of the northern Indiana counties with compliance.
  • Just across the border in Michigan’s lake country, Redamak’s opens today! (via #nwindiana twitter search)
  • The Illiana Expressway gained steam once again, at least the Lake County portion, when lawmakers on both sides of the aisle worked to pass legislation. (via Times)

What stories are you watching today, in economic development and municipal finance, Indiana is ahead of many states … but unemployment is hurting everyone.


Indiana Local Government Consultant – New Website

We are currently designing our totally new website for Cender and Company here in Indiana.  We’d like to get as much input from municipal government and public sector clients as possible.  What would you like to see on our site?  What kind of articles would you read and find useful?

  • Redevelopment TIF
  • Impact of HEA 1001
  • New laws as they relate to bond financing in Indiana
  • Budget reviews as mandated for county councils
  • Property tax impact on local government entities of tax caps in HB 1001
  • Interest rate alerts
  • Planning and Annexation regulations, effectively planning for growth in Indiana cities, towns and counties
  • Sewer, water, park, school, and road impact fees.

Seriously, we’d like your input, what would be interesting and helpful enough to you our clients to visit regularly?  We are focusing on our theme:  Solutions to Unique Challenges.  What are your unique challenges that we can help solve?

Department of Local Government Finance Extends Dates on Budgets

Special Alert for Indiana Local Government Entities and Taxing Units, released by Department of Local Government Finance on August 1, 2008:

Amended Timeline of Local Budget Process

August 1 Assessed values to be certified by County Auditors. Date unchanged

August 1 On or before August 1, taxing units must file proposals to adopt Cumulative Funds with DLGF. Date unchanged

September 20 Last date to adopt CPF and bus replacement tax rates. Date unchanged

November 10 Last date for first publication of proposed budget. Must be at least 10 days before the public hearing. Original Date: September 10

November 14 Taxing units, other than schools, must submit proposed budgets to County Councils for non-binding review at least 15 days before the unit’s adoption date. Original date: September 15

November 17 Taxing units with appointed boards, other than schools, with proposed budget increases more than 4% from the prior year, must submit the proposed budgets to either the city/town fiscal body or the County Council at least 14 days before these appropriate fiscal bodies hold budget hearings. Original Date: September 16

November 18 Last date for second publication of proposed budget. Must be at least three days before the public hearing. Original date: September 17

November 20 Last date to file excess levy appeals, other than shortfall appeals, with the DLGF. Original date: September 19

November 21 Last date for public hearing. Must be at least 10 days before the budget adoption date. Original date: September 20

December 1 Last date for budget adoption. Original date: September 30

December 3 Last date to file budgets with the County Auditor. Must be no later than two days after the budget adoption.

December 17 Last date for County Auditor to prepare a notice of the proposed tax rates to be charged on each one hundred dollars of assessed valuation for the various funds in each taxing district.

There are more details, of course, so call our offices at 219-736-1800 or email for first available municipal local government finance consultant at we would be happy to assist your local government agency or municipality in efficiently meeting these new deadlines and all requirements of HEA 1001.

Source: DLGF, Indiana 8-4-08